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At CAPE, Inc. we believe you are the primary educator of your child. Your involvement in the school experience (agency and/or classroom level) is an opportunity for you to partner with us in your child’s educational experience to build the home/school connection and support his/her school readiness.

There are various opportunities for parent involvement:

Classroom Involvement:

  • Classroom volunteering/ assist with classroom activities
  • Leadership group
  • Prepare materials at home
  • Classroom cooking projects

Volunteer activities involving children will require you to meet our tuberculosis requirements. A TB skin test is required every two years, and every 4 years for a chest x-ray for parents who volunteer in the classroom. In addition to TB clearance documentation, all parents volunteering in the classroom must have a signed statement of good physical health in accordance with Child Care Licensing Health & Safety Code.

Agency Committees:

  • Policy Council: A decision and policy setting group made up of parents from our centers and community representatives who approve or disapprove major program decisions. PC members are elected annually at parent meetings at the beginning of each program year.
  • Health Services Advisory Committee: (HSAC) is an advisory group that brings together staff, parents, and local health care providers to discuss the planning, operation, and evaluation of the health services program. HSAC determines how to best meet the needs of children and families in its community.
  • Selection Criteria Committee: A group of parents and community representatives who develop the formal process in which eligibility and enrollment guidelines are determined for the following program year.
  • School Readiness Committee: The official definition of school readiness by the Office of Head Start is: “Children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children’s learning, and schools are ready for children.” This committee will make decisions for school readiness for the children we serve, and develop program goals and strategies to meet target outcomes.

Download the Parent Handbook:

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